We are …..

Yes, that means …. we are pregnant!

Yes, the photo means we are pregnant!!!  It’s been a journey and it’s just beginning and it will never end and that is the fantastic thing about this entire process!  I have to admit, it’s definitely the the best journey that I have taken in my entire life.

So much has happened within the last six or so months, that my world has not stopped flipping.  From buying a house, to learning of my brothers death, to becoming pregnant and learning we’re going to be moms has definitely flipped my world around a few times.  That’s alright though, cause I’ll take what it is that I am given and go with it.  Even the tragic events of my brother’s death, it’s something I must accept because I can’t change it.

I had speculations that Lynn was pregnant this month, but never said anything out loud for hopes that it would not be true.  Often times the body has a weird way of tricking itself into thinking it is pregnant, so we had to wait until we tested to know for sure.  Even then, it was so hard to believe even though we had a ton of tests to indicate we were pregnant until the blood work was done.  Here are some of the symptoms in which Lynn experienced prior to testing:

  1. She was taking naps (she never does this unless sick).  If she wasn’t working, come 2pm (around then) she would sleep for an hour or two.  Unusual for her!
  2. She had been craving spicy food.  Usually she eats it and is done, not this time!
  3. Made some chili with a little bit of a kick to it and had left overs (she never eats left overs!)
  4. Got some more stuff for chili a few days later (she doesn’t like chili that much to have it twice within the same week)
  5. Had gotten a metallic taste in her mouth, but was taking Mucinex for a head cold so it killed the taste for her.
  6. She noticed that she had to pee more than usual (she can hold it forever; whereas, I have to pee all the time)
  7. Has been pretty emotional as of late (but understandable due to the whirlwind we’ve been going through lately)

On Friday and Saturday (May 18-19th), she was up in Tulsa with her mom and sister.  They had to go up there for some testing (as they are teachers) and came back Saturday evening with some stuff from Wal-Mart (gosh I hate this store like mad) with a few things.  I asked her what she had and I hear, “Some more stuff for some chili.”  I thought that was odd as this is not like her.  Then we have this grand debate over whether or not we should test.  I ultimately won the debate and we decided to wait until Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning:

  • 4:30am – Lynn wakes cause she has to go pee, takes a pregnancy test and goes back to bed
  • 7:30ish am – I wake and go pee.  See the pregnancy test on the bathroom sink, ask what the results were and I’m told that it stayed blank  (digital test)
  • 8:00am – Lynn has to pee again and takes another pregnancy test.  I’ve got hold of the test watching the hourglass flip and finally goes BLANK!
  • 8:05am – I get on Facebook and complain about these stupid tests on the CCB group and someone suggested having Lynn wait a few hours and then pee in a cup, so I relay the message!
  • 8:30am – Lynn has to pee again (not a small trickle either!) and she calls me into the bathroom to grab the cup she pee’d in (disposable of course)
  • 8:32am – I dip the test and put it on the counter.
  • 8:35am – After about 3 minutes of watching that hourglass flip it turns to “Pregnant”
  • We watched it turn to Pregnant.  We look at each other (hoping we’re not seeing things) look down at the test, then to each other, then back to the test, then to each other and we both start crying like babies.
  • 9:45am – I go to the Dollar store to get some cheap tests, as the others were duds and this is the only response we got.  The cheap tests come back with a faint positive.

We couldn’t call our RE’s office to let them know of our results, because we learned on Sunday that we were pregnant.  Having to wait until Monday was a little nerve wracking.  As you can only imagine, we just had to have that blood work done to make sure all these tests did not lie.  So, on Monday morning the phone call was made to our RE’s office.  Left a message and after a little bit, Aimee called us back.  Due to the fact that we are 4 hours from their office, they had us do blood work at a location closer to us.  At 2:45pm, Lynn had her blood drawn to get the beta levels.  We wouldn’t get our results back until Tuesday due to the late testing time.

Tuesday’s long awaited phone call came from Aimee in the afternoon, shortly after lunch.  Here are the results:

  • hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) level is 66 on 14dpo (days post ovulation)
  • Estrogen levels are good, but he still has us on the Vivelle patch (delivers estrogen)
  • Progesterone = 12.7 anything above a 10 is normal, but Dr. R likes it to be around 20, so he has us doubling up on our progesterone pills.  So, we take 200mg of progesterone in the morning and in the evening for a total of 800mg of progesterone.
We will have another set of beta tests done on today (Wednesday, May 23, 2012) at 2:45pm.  We will not have the results back from the second set of tests until tomorrow sometime.   Now, some of you may be wondering why it is that we are doing a second set of beta tests and there are some reasons behind that.  The doctor wants to make sure everything is progressing normally with the development of the baby.  The hCG levels should double in a 48/72 hour time frame.  To get more information on what they look for in the hCG level’s, click the link!  I will update once we have the second set of beta’s back!
Currently, we are 4 weeks and 2 days into our pregnancy.  Here is where we are currently into our pregnancy:

The miracle of life occuring!  (image is courtesy of babycenter.com)

Now, if you have been following my blog recently, you’ll know that at the bottom of the previous two posts I had asked that my brother send me an angel to help my family heal.  He obviously listened!  Boy, am I stoked!  I can’t believe we’re going to have a little one running around.  Next hurdle to go through is getting to 12 weeks without any complications.

3 thoughts on “We are …..

  1. I am SO HAPPY for you Guys keep me posted and never forget to share:) wow:) allot of hard work pays off! No doubt. I know you can’t wait it’s going to be a l o n g 9 months! Love you and your little angel or angels as the case may be. Hope this android posts lol!

  2. What FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! When God takes a life he replaces it with another, and this little miracle will definately be your brothers little angel sent from heaven. I am so happy for you both.

    I actually got inseminated on Monday, so now for our dreaded TWW.

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