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His Birth Story

My apologies first and foremost to those that have been patiently waiting for an update from us.  Sleep deprived momma’s over here.

I never imagined that I would witness the miracle of birth.  I thought it was never in the cards for me; but boy was I wrong!  It’s one of the most …. scratch that.  It IS the most amazing thing in this world that one could experience.  The moment that you see your child being born, the realization that your life forever has been changed hits.

The weekend going into the 21st of January, we tried to relax.  We knew that it would be the last weekend of just the two of us.  We talked about how our world was going to change, our priorities have changed, our responsibilities have changed, and then it hit us … everything will change.  Not just a few things, but everything about the life we knew would be gone in an instant.

Okay, so it was not an instant.  Rather a very long delivery for Lynn.  Her mom and sister accompanied us to Texas for the delivery of our little man.  My parents made it in for the delivery as well (I was worried they would not be able to due to my moms job) – so needless to say I was relieved about that.

We checked into the hospital at 10:00pm on Sunday 1/20/2013 to start the induction.  There was a probe here and a probe there and everywhere we looked, Lynn was attached to something or another.  Just switching sides was a huge ordeal, if you have been hooked up to a ton of things before then you can relate.  After they got us all hooked up to the fetal heart rate monitor, the monitor to measure contractions, and the IV is when the real stuff started to happen.  The plan of attack was to start softening the cervix.  There are mutliple ways to do it, but our Dr. wanted it done via a pill that is inserted next to the cervix.  They repeat this process every 4 hours until the cervix is ripened (soft) enough for the baby to pass through.  Shortly after, Lynn started to have some contractions – but nothing major.  Just soft little ones that would measure on the little machine.

At roughly 03:00 am, they checked to see if we had dilated at all.  According to the nurse we had that evening, we had started to show some progress.  However, what the Dr. felt at 6am was something completely different.  He said she wasn’t even 1 cm.  Talk about frustrating!  Nothing was happening.  At roughly 8am, they started us on the pitocin.  One would think that this would really kick-start stuff .. nah!  Things moved slowly and I do mean so slow it was like a snail was racing us and had beat us to the finish line.  At 2:00pm, we were dilated to 2cm.  The doc made the decision at that point to break her water.  Now, what little contractions she was having before – she was feeling!  We opted for an epidural and that was put in at 4:00pm.  The doc thought that having the epidural would help Lynn relax and would allow for him to descent further into the birth canal.  Little did we know …. that was not happening.  Come 6pm, the awesome nurse (Kasey) came in and talked to us about having an internal monitor put on the cervix to get a more accurate reading of the contractions.  It was explained to us that if the contractions were not getting stronger and more consistent to do the job, then it would move us further into a c-section (we knew this was a possibility).

After having the probe on her cervix for two hours, this provided the doctor with enough information for a decision to be made.  During this two hour window, my sister-in-law took me to grab something to eat real quick.  I ate on the way back to the hospital and made it up to the room in just enough time!  The doctor was doing a cervical check when I made it back to the room.  He looked up at us and said .. “Let’s have a baby!”  Of course, my response was … “Right now?!?”  He said “Yes … we’re moving to a c-section.  This boy of yours is stubborn and is not coming down.”  (Side note here – I was expecting this, but wasn’t prepared for this!)  The nurse threw me some scrubs and told me to change and that we were ready to rock-n-roll as soon as I put on the scrubs.

Off I go to the bathroom to throw on these scrubs.  I hadn’t worn a hair net in many years, yet I did this night!  They didn’t tell me how to put on the booties for my shoes – so they were on sideways.  They all laughed at me, but I did not care one ounce!  As I come out of the bathroom, they are ready to take us down to the OR room that was prepped for the delivery.  Yes, I made sure my camera was in tow on my shoulder to be able to snap this very memorable moment in our lives.  After roughly 20 minutes in the OR room, the anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to see him born.  Who am I to deny that awesome question??  Of course I watched!  As I stood up and was looking over the curtain that was draped over Lynn – I saw the most amazing thing happen.  With a push from the Dr. his head popped right out.  A few seconds later – the rest of him is out and he’s under the warmer and I’m standing next to him watching them give the APGAR test.  In which he scored a 9 and 5 minutes later another 9!  Yep, that’s my son .. an overachiever!

After they got him cleaned up, I was able to walk him over to see his mommy on the operating table as they are sewing her back together like humpty dumpty.

Our most handsome son was born on 1/21/2013 @ 21:13 weighed 7lbs 10.4oz and 21″ long.



It’s been a month since that most amazing miracle and so many things in our lives have changed.  He is learning to adjust to our schedule and we’re learning to be parents.  He’s a really good baby and doesn’t fuss a lot unless his belly is hurting.  I’ll post some more later on, but here he is at a month old.


“I see this big black thing in front of my momma’s face … what is it?”


It’s as though he is thinking “These gas bubbles in my tummy tickle sometimes!”

Let’s have a baby!

It feels surreal to be writing this post.  It’s been a long journey for us.  I cannot speak for Lynn, but I can for myself.  The journey that we have been on for the last year and a half has had some interesting curves in the road.  Even though one of those curves is still very raw in my heart, I still manage to look forward to what life has given me.  I never imagined that in order for our dreams to come true that I would lose someone important to me in the process.

I have noticed as of late that I have been pretty emotional.  I have been missing Paul more than I would have ever imagined.  I have so many things to say to him, to share with him, for him to be apart of – that he just simply is unable to be here for.  I remember the day he and his wife gave birth to their oldest son, E.  I remember that pride on his face.  I wish he could see mine.  I know he will see it from wherever it is that he is at.  Regardless as to if he is looking down from the heavens or from the stars – he’s going to be there.

It sucks that in order for our miracle to come true that a life had to be taken in order to give us, Will.  Don’t get me wrong – I am forever grateful, but why did his life have to be taken in order for this amazing experience to occur?

Alright – enough of this sappy stuff.  There will be more time for that in the very near future.

The time has come that we have Will!  We have anxiously awaited this very moment in time for the last 39 weeks.  Actually, longer if you count all of  our attempts.  It’s finally here.  We are going to be moms.  We are going to have a little guy in our arms very shortly and that feeling is amazing.

I cannot tell you how scared, anxious, nervous, excited, relieved, terrified, calm, and every other possible descriptive word one can imagine – that I am.  It’s one of the most amazing times of my life and I cannot begin to tell you how much more in love with Lynn I am for this most amazing gift she is giving me.

Here is the game plan as of right now:

  • Check into the hospital at 10:00 p.m. CST
  • They will start the cervical ripening (if she hasn’t started to dilate on her own yet – at last check, she hadn’t)
  • Start her on antibiotics for the Strep B – which will be given every 4 hours.
  • Early in the morning – probably around 6:00 a.m. CST on January 21, 2013 – the pitocin will be given via IV.
  • Then it is a waiting game.

I will post a gorgeous picture of our little guy when he enters this wonderful world.

Final Count Down

Sorry for not posting anything sooner!

I know that there have been appointments that I have not mentioned on here within the last almost two months and for that I am sorry.  I will try to get the gist of everything out there in this real quick post this morning.

Will still has too much amniotic fluid around him.  They are concerned with it, but not too overly concerned with it.  As a result of having too much fluid around him, for the last month we have had weekly ultrasounds accompanied by the routine cervical checks.  Last week the doc did the swab(s) for Strep B and we will learn the results of those tests today.  Hopefully it comes back negative that way Lynn doesn’t need antibiotics prior to delivery.

Will is still growing like mad.  At our last appointment Will was measuring approximately 7.5oz.  Two weeks prior to that he was at 6.4oz.  That means that he is putting on roughly a pound every two weeks.  So, if the doctor has his way he will be at his guesstimate.  However, with that being said their guesstimate could very well be off by +/- 1 or 2 lbs.

We have our had our date for induction scheduled for quite a while now.  The big day is going to be 1/21 unless he decides to come earlier.  We definitely do NOT want him doing that as we are 4 hours from our beloved doc.  Generally on first pregnancies, they go past the 40 weeks.

Now, with that being said – here is the information from the last cervical check.

  • Effacement = 0%
  • Dilated = 0
  • Pelvis spreading = NEGATIVE

With this being said, the doc said it would be very interesting to see what her body does once we have an epidural in her to see if her body relaxes enough to be able to do its job.  However, you could tell his uncertainty to it all as he spoke.  We will see what he has to say about it today and then go from there.  We had a long discussion on whether or not we should just make the move toward C-Section.  Is this ultimately what we want, NO!  But, with that being said … we also do not want Lynn nor our son to go through the trauma of a long labor to end up in a C-Section anyway just because her pelvis is not shifting like it should.  As of right now, we are playing it by ear to see what the doc has to say later on today about how things are progressing.

We keep saying that it’s not to long from now and we cannot believe that we are at this very huge milestone in our relationship and our life.  It’s surreal to imagine how much our life’s are going to change.  I know what it is like to be around a newborn and taking care of them (to an extent).  This is different though.  We now have a responsibility that we cannot just walk away from for the rest of our life’s.  It’s an amazing feeling, but yet a very scary one too.  I have to admit though (keep this between your eyes and my finger tips), I am SCARED to pieces.  It’s one of the best feelings in the world, but yet – scary at the same time.  I don’t know if that makes sense or not, but it does to me and that is what matters!

I will post what the doc has to say either tonight or tomorrow to keep you updated!  Be prepared for some of the MOST ADORABLE pics ever to be posted next Monday!

Check-up galore … here we come!

Yes, yes .. I know!  You don’t have to yell at me for not posting sooner!  I have been slacking and I’m sorry!  Everything with the pregnancy is moving right along.  As you can imagine, one’s belly is just getting bigger daily.  We are finally out of the second trimester and are officially in the third!

A few weeks ago, we had a ultrasound at 26 weeks with Anne at our OB’s office.  Everything looked really good.  She did however tell us that the fluid around Will was measuring a little too much.  Idealistically they want the fluid to be less than 20cm.  Leave it up to us to be measuring 22.5cm of fluid.  Needless to say, it had a little worried as you can imagine.  The doc said that they would keep an eye on it and if we wanted to see Dr. Gore again, then we could do so just to put us at ease.  As one could imagine – we did just that.  Everything is fine though.  The sonographer at Dr. Gore’s office measured the fluid at 18cm.  The fluid can fluctuate based how much Will is urinating and etc.  It may have been from that nasty glucose drink Lynn had to drink that increased the fluid.

We finally reached the point in the pregnancy that we needed to see if Lynn had gestational diabetes or not.  So, at 26 weeks at our normal check up the test was done.  Lynn had to drink this nasty glucose drink and had her blood drawn an hour later.  They were checking the sugar levels.  If you don’t know, when a woman is pregnant their body goes through a ton of changes.  One of those changes is how your body is able to dispense of the  sugars in your body.  Your body is not able to break everything down as fast it normally would without pregnancy.  That little alien growing inside of you changes EVERYTHING!  Well, we failed the one hour test.  Her blood sugar levels were 155 and they want it below 130.  So, we had to do the lovely 3 hour test.  We waited until we were 28 weeks to do the 3 hour test.  Mainly cause we did it the same day that we had some Dr. appointments.  Well … we passed the 3 hour test with FLYING COLORS!  Needless to say, the pregnant momma was happy that her diet was not changed.  Considering she is still getting sick.

We have moved into bi-monthly visits with the doc.  It’s real serious business now.  Will is suppose to gain an ounce every day at this stage in the pregnancy.  It’s hard to believe he’s going to be here in just 10 weeks!  We have had a few more ultrasounds and have finally gotten a sneak peak at our rascal.  He loves to hide from us, that’s for sure.  Below is a video of our most recent ultrasound.  There is 3d/4d snapshots of him as well in the video.

Our baby shower is in a week from today.  We are so excited to see everyone and to celebrate this wonderful gift with everyone.  The one in a week from now is with Lynn’s family and we will be having another one with my family when they’re in town for the holidays.  I can’t wait to see what everyone has gotten for Will.  We look forward to the festivities with them.

This past Monday we got another peak at him.  He didn’t really want to cooperate with us, but when does he ever want too?  He is currently measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, weighs 2.99lbs., and is 16″ from head to butt roughly.  That’s right, that doesn’t include his legs!  He’s going to be a long little boy.  I am guessing he is going to be between 21-23 inches long by the time it is all over with.  We do have a tentative induction date scheduled.  We are looking at January 18th-21st.  We will know more around Thanksgiving on the exact date.  We are trying to have him around the 18th-19th due to the simple fact that there are like a zillion birthdays the last week of January and we would like for him to have his own special day!

We have started our birthing classes.  Needless to say it is interesting!  I am grateful that we decided to go to the classes.  We were able to learn quite a bit of stuff and it helped to prepare me for what Lynn will be going through.  There was so much to cover and boy did we cover it!  It was awesome to be around other expecting parents, whom many were first time parents like us.  It was definitely comforting for sure.

I had an interview for a new position at work.  I won’t hear anything for another 2-3 weeks on whether or not I got the position.  Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that I hear that I got the position!  I have never been so thankful to work for such an awesome company like Apple.  It’s such an amazing place to work and I am surrounded by some of the best people in the world.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I’m a slacker!!

I have been battling a cold that is super nasty. I am feeling much better now!

This is not an update update. We’ve had a few appointments since the last post. I have a new video for everyone. I will finish it up this and will provide an update.

Sorry for my slacking!!

Nursery, name reveal, and landscaping – Projects O’My!

It has definitely been a few weeks since our last post and I do apologize for the delay.  I ended up sick with a really nasty case of bronchitis and was down for the count.  I felt like I just fought Mohammad Ali and lost the battle due to a KO.  Needless to say, it has taken me a bit of time to recover from being ill.  I suppose this is what happens when one is working 70/80 hours a week.

We had our 5 month check up back in September (earlier in the month).  Things are great and our little man is growing exceptionally well, if I must say so myself.  He is measuring 4 days ahead of his original due date, as a result his due date has been changed to 01/24/2013.  He will not be born on this day though.  Due to the fact that our doctor is in the DFW metroplex, we have made the decision to induce.  We really want the doc who has helped through this incredibly long journey to be the one to deliver our son.  Say what you will, but nothing is going to change the decision that we have decided upon.  Once we have a date for the induction we will definitely be posting it.

We did have an ultrasound done the last time that we were at the docs office.  We were able to see a little more of his profile and of his little body as he was willing to show it off a little more so this time around.  Here’s a small video for your enjoyment!

Lynn is really showing now and is starting to round out more with every passing day and week.  She is able to feel him moving about quite a bit throughout the day.  It’s amazing how strong he is getting.  So strong in fact that I officially felt our son move on 20 September 2012 at 8:45pm for the first time.  I almost cried when I could feel him moving.  It’s such an amazing and remarkable experience to feel your child move.  There are times that I am envious of Lynn because she gets to experience all of the pregnancy stuff, but I also get to experience things in a different manner.  Such as I don’t have to worry about morning sickness.  Which of course, I am okay with!

We have been working on the nursery and thought it was time to show off the nursery a little.  I figure that this is a good time to reveal little man’s name.  We have decided on William Chase.  If you’re wondering where the names come from.  Well, William comes from Lynn’s grand-dad.  As for Chase, it is just a name that we choose.  He will not be called Bill, either.  He will either be called Will, Chase, Willy, or Chasey.

Here are the photos of the finished (just a few more things to do) nursery:

Introducing to the world – William Chase

Block lettering has been put up!

Room View

Matching changing table to the crib.

We have been working on some projects around the house as well.  We choose to wait until the heat of the summer was over and we were no longer dealing with 100+ degree weather.  So, now that it is nice and cooler out – landscaping has begun.  Here are some photos to show the progress of what we have done.

The house as it was when we bought it back in March 2012.

New shutters, front door painted, and a walk way has been put in!

The beautiful walkway!

Close up of the landscaping.

We are by far from finished with the landscaping.  We still need to do the other side in the front of the house, along with the back of the house.  We’ve been talking about putting in a rock garden in the back of the house.  We will be putting gutters on the front of the house here soon as well.

I will provide a new update next week after our 6 month check up on Will!

Blessed beyond words

It is so hard to imagine that we are 18 weeks 6 days into our pregnancy.  At times it seems so surreal that we are almost to the half way point.  It seems just like yesterday that we saw that life changing “PREGNANT” on the digital HPT.  I knew I always wanted to be a mother, but never knew if it would become a possibility.  I knew that modern medicine would allow for me to do so, but the question for me was if I would ever find someone to build a family with.  That was the unknown for me.  It didn’t seem possible, but that fateful day ten and a half years ago changed all of that.

We have had our ups and downs just as with any other relationship.  I have seen my love go through loss and learn to go on.  What neither one of us could have imagined was the tragedy that bestowed my family.  If it was not for her, I do not think I would be able to function.  The purpose that she gives my life is remarkable.  I use to want that type of love that my grandparents had.  You know the kind I’m talking about.  That undeniable love that you have for each other.  You often see it when you see an elderly couple walking, hand in hand with that gleamer in their eyes knowing that they are still madly in love with each other.  That is what I have found and it’s out of this world.

Each day that goes by I fall more in love with Lynn than the previous day.  I see her belly growing with our son inside of her.  I am in awe of the experience she is having.  She is more beautiful now with our son inside of her than I could have ever imagined.  There are not enough words in this universe that could begin to tell her how thankful it is that I am for the gift in which she is bestowing onto me.  Every night I am reminded of this unbelievable gift.  We will lay in bed together and grab out fetal doppler and listen to our little man move around inside of her.  It is a sound that I could fall asleep listening too.

Things at work have been keeping me pretty busy.  As of late, I do not feel as though I feel enough time with my love.  Working 70 hour work weeks is tiresome.  If I did not love what I do, then I would have a hard time working all of the hours that I have been.  It is not just for us though.  I work the hours that I do to make sure that I am able to provide our little man with all that he deserves and needs.  We want for him to want nice things, but we also want him to appreciate it as well.  Of course, this will be taught to him from the very beginning.

I have officially started on the nursery.  It took me roughly two weeks to get the room painted though.  Mainly due to working so much.  I have been so tired that I just simply did not have the energy to finish it.  However, the painting is done.  I want to give an awesome shout out to my sister in law for helping me move some things out of that room and into the shed.  We had a queen size bed in there that I had to tear down and get into the shed.  The mattresses were a beast and I was unable to move them on my own.  I did not want Lynn helping me, so I had to enlist my SIL’s help.  I am forever thankful for her assistance.  After we got the mattresses moved out to the shed, we were able to put the crib together.  The painting was not quite done at that point, but 1/2 of the room was done.  So, after getting the crib put together we just simply put it on the side of the room that was already painted.  This allowed for me to finish painting the rest of the room.

Here’s a sneak peek at the room and where we are currently:

We have our 20 week appointment in a little over a week from now.  The days are painfully long as I long to see my son again.  I want to see how much he has grown.  I cannot wait.  I want to hold him so desperately bad, but yet I am not wanting to rush this experience either.  He needs to stay in there until January.

Important weekly milestones for our little man:

Week 14:

Officially in the second trimester
3.5 inches
1.5 oz.

Week 15:

4 inches long4.5 inches long
Weighs roughly 3.5 oz
Elbows and knees are bending more freely
Legs are less stubby than his arms
Major organ systems are creasing in capacity
Heart is pumping roughly 25 quarts per day and will increase to 200 quarts per day by the end of the pregnancy
Able to make facial expressions such as squinting, frowning, and grimacing
New scalp patterns are developing

Week 16:

4.5 inches long
Weighs roughly 3.5oz
Head-to-body ratio is evening out
Lynn thinks she can feel him moving

Week 17:

5 inches long
Weighs roughly 5 oz
Capable of hearing and reacting to sounds
Brain is developing 5 major senses

Week 18:

5.6 inches long
Weighs roughly 6.7oz
He is covered in a greasy, waxy, cheese like substance to prevent chapping from the fluid around him.  This will also allow for him to slide through the birth canal a lot easier.
He kicked Lynn extremely hard in the pelvic bone!

Axis righting itself …

It was just the other day when I got that fateful phone call that my brother was murdered.  My world as I knew it was no longer laying on its axis.  Instead it was wobbling all over the place.  Instantly I was angered.  Left wondering what, who, why, and how.  It wouldn’t be just a mere 24 hours later and I would learn the answer to many of the questions that I long.  I knew the who and the how, but not the why.  Unfortunately, my family will never know the answer to that simple question.

Now, fast forward five months and ask me how I am doing.  The answer to that question is that I haven’t really had time nor the desire to settle all of my feelings with losing my brother.  You sit there watching “48 Hours” on A&E and you have conversations of, “I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to have that knock on the door or the phone call that those people just got.”  When in reality, I know all to well what that feels like.  You never imagine if you will be experience that.  In fact, you probably think .. that will never happen to me.  I know I did and it has happened to me.

There are times when it reality hits and I’m reminded of the pain. While I have a lot of really good days, there are those bad days too.  Those moments in the day that I start to tear up.  I’m left with knowing that it had been roughly five years since I last talked to him.  Not for the lack of trying, I promise you that.  I tried calling him.  In fact, I had been calling and leaving messages for him the last 6 months of his life asking him to call me back.  Waiting and hoping to see his number on my phone every time it rang, just to see it was someone else.  I will never be able to call him up and ask him for brotherly advice, as he had given me many times before.

I get angry at my brother.  I question if it is the right thing to do, seeing as how he is not here to make things right.  Why did he have to be at that place, that moment in time?  Why couldn’t he fix his relationship with his kids?  Why hadn’t he reached out to his family?  Why, oh why did he stay with that dreaded woman?  Couldn’t he see that she was keeping him from his family?  Couldn’t he see that he was allowing her to keep him from his kids, family, and life long friends?  Why .. why couldn’t he see those things?  I’ve been in an abusive relationship before, so I can relate to his situation.  Even though I can relate, I don’t understand it.  I would fight with every last fiber of my being to be an active participant in my child(ten)s life.  I wouldn’t just go from being a kick ass parent to being no parent.

That day and the following week that will be forever embedded into my memory.  The only solace that I am able to find is that following Saturday (the 20th of April, 2012).  My entire family went out to eat at a restaurant called “Frisches”.  We met up with my brother’s first wife.  We hadn’t seen her in 24-ish years!  It was unfortunate that this is how we all had to see each other again.  We closed the joint.  There were a lot of laughs at Paul’s expense and there were some tears.  While I remember this week is forever etched in my memory, it was this night in particular that I can find some comfort.  After we all walked outside with our jackets on (it was fricking cold as hell up there in April!), I was talking to his ex-wife.  I lifted my hands up in the air and looked up and simply said:  “Paul, what ever you do buddy …. just send me one child .. PLEASE!”  I got this odd look from his ex.  She had a perplexed look on her face and understandably so.  What you do not know is that for as long as we all knew Paul, he was agnostic.  He did not believe in what it was at that moment that I did, which is that he’s pulling some strings with the big guy upstairs.

Fast forward 33 days later and the axis that my world is trying to stabilize at is sent spinning again.  We learned we were pregnant.  I think this is what keeps me sane most days.  Takes just some of the pain away.  I firmly believe (and if you know me – you know I’m not religious, but more spiritual) that my son is Paul’s gift to us.  It’s his way of saying it’s going to be ok and that I will find happiness in this world again.  This is how I cope with the loss of my brother.  I try to the focus on the wonderful gift that has been bestowed to me and my wife.  I don’t want to be filled with anger and be bitter.

Fast forward to today.  We are officially into our second trimester.  We have learned that we are having a boy!  It’s not just a speculation anymore, but it is official.  The morning sickness is nowhere near what it was that first trimester.  It’s slowly but surely coming to a complete stop.  Thank heavens for that too.  I didn’t know how much longer we could handle the vomiting!!

Before I start our little update on the little man from our prenatal visit, I thought I would share the results of the blood work from the 12 week NT Scan.

  • Down Syndrome : 1:650
  • Trisomy 13 : 1:10,000

For those of you who are not used to statistics, that means that 1 in out of 650 and 10,000 births a baby is born with those conditions.  That being said, we were informed that we are in the low risk population for our age range.  Another blood draw would be done at the follow-up exam.

We have a fetal doppler here at the house that we use often to listen to his heartbeat.  We discovered something new last week when listening to him.  We heard a sound that we had never heard before.  We could hear his heart pumping and then all of a sudden a “thud” on the probe.  We’re left wondering – “What the heck was that?”  We both asked each other the same thing.  Took the probe off her belly and then firmly planted it back down.  There it is again!  I had to grab my phone to capture this.  I had to ask some friends if that was him or not.  I showed them the video and let them listen to it.  Yep, sure enough it is!  We were able to capture him kicking the doppler!  I hope you enjoy and can hear what we hear:


I keep asking Lynn if she can feel him moving around.  She keeps telling me that she hasn’t yet.  Or that she knows of.  She said she feels something, but is not for sure if it is him or not.  If she is not for sure yet, she’s about to be.  We’re in that part of our pregnancy that we’re starting to feel movement.  Lynn will obviously feel him move about sooner than I will.  I have to admit, I am jealous that I can feel him when she does.

This past Monday, 13 August 2012, we had another ultrasound.  It was a follow-up to NT scan that was done at 12 weeks.  We got to see our little man!  Getting to see how much growth he has had in 4 weeks is remarkable!  I long to meet him, but yet don’t want to rush it either.

Here are the highlights of the ultrasound:

  • Weighs : 5 oz.
  • GA : 16w / measuring 16w4d (On Monday)
  • Confirmed with 100% certainty that we’re having a boy!
  • Heart rate : 135bpm

Finally, what you have been waiting for!  Now, I will give a quick disclosure on this video.  Our little man is a twerp.  As a result, he was being stubborn and did not want to let us get a good look at him.  He was having a bad day!  With that being said, he does like to show off his little wanker!  I hope you enjoy!!


Our perinatologist had ordered more blood work to compare to the last round of results.  This would let us know if our odds increased or decreased for Trisomy 13, Down Syndrome.  They also tested for spina bifida this time, as well.  We got our results back yesterday!

  • Spina Bifida : 1:6,000
  • Down Syndrome : 1:4,000
  • Trisomy 13 : 1:10,000

I am really happy with the results.  We can breathe a little easier on this.  I was excited to see that our odds of DS greatly improved!

After our appointment with the perinatologist we had to see our OB for our monthly check up.  He said that everything was going along well and that we get to go until we’re 26 weeks before we have another vaginal exam!  Lynn is thrilled about this, because having them done are not a lot of fun.  We discussed with him what our options are in regards to delivery with the fact that we are 4 hours away.  We have a had a lot of talks and we would like to have a vaginal birth – if we’re able too (hopefully nothing goes awry).  So, as of right now with us planning on a vaginal birth we will be induced.  We do not know when, but I will definitely let everyone know!

NT Scan

I must say that the twenty four hours leading up to the NT Scan had me worried.  I wouldn’t say that I thought about it consciously, but most definitely subconsciously.  I guess it’s that parental worry that has kicked into full force.    So, the night before we are to have the NT Scan I couldn’t sleep for nothing!  I think I was finally able to get like 3.5 hours of sleep.  As you can imagine that’s not a lot of sleep when you have at least 8 hours of driving to do.  Luckily for us, my mother in law accompanied us to the scan.

I was hoping that we could get a sneak peek at the gender during the scan, but most importantly are what the measurements were and how the baby was growing!  The perintologist is the one who actually did the NT Scan.  I must give a huge shout out to him, because he not only gave us our first peeks of the baby looking like a human … but also gave us a gender reveal!  Thanks Dr. Gore at Texas Perinatal for the awesome scan and the disc!

Let’s move on to the good news on the baby!

  • CRL (crown to rump length) : 6.47cm ~ 2.547 inches long
  • Nuchal fluid : 1.8mm
  • Nasal Bone Structure : Looks perfect!!

What this means is that everything on the ultrasound looked fantastic!  We will find out what the blood results reveal, but according to everything seen on the ultrasound it will be all good news.  I know I know, you’re wanting to know what the gender is and to the heck with all the measurements.  Calm yourself some, I’m getting to it!  At the time of the scan we were technically 12w3d, but according to the CRL we were 12w6d!  So, the due date was bumped up to 25 January 2013!  Now, on to the gender.  Wait … are you sure you want to know or should I just anatgonize you all?!?!  I guess I can share with you all.


Wait for it.




Are you still waiting?


I want to say “Hi!!!” before I reveal my gender!



You must still be here!!






Alright, you’ve waited enough!  I guess I can tell you!!

I am eager to show this thing off!


The reason why the doc has the ????’s next to boy is because he is 90% positive it is a boy.  As you can see from the outline above, there is no mistaking it!

Now that you are no longer being impatient, I took the time to put the ultrasound online to be able to show you all our little man in the flesh (or as close to in the flesh as possible 😀 )


Yes, yes … he is alive!!!!!  Thanks for viewing the video!  I have to say so myself, it is amazing that we have technology that will allow for us to see babies at this stage of their development!  I am in complete and total awe in the miracle of our baby.


Alright boys and girls … it is time to BUCKLE UP WE’RE HEADING INTO THE SECOND TRIMESTER!!  We’re not quite into the second-trimester but we are definitely well on our way to it!  This is just the second pit stop on this roller coaster ride!

I'm 13 weeks old!




Week 13:

  • Skin is now paper-thin, instead of see through.
  • Little hairs (called lanugo) start to covers the baby’s body
  • Fingerprints have formed
  • Weighs almost an ounce
  • Roughly 3″ long by the end of the week (size of a medium shrimp)